Lightening effect in life more prone to probe more to get the desired end result…

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With “Game of Thrones” hype at an all-time high, Las Vegas may be raking in as much money as the Iron Bank. HBO’s fantasy masterpiece has seized the gambling world’s attention nearly as much as the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby. Fans spew countless theories on social media, such as which characters will be axed… YouTube: … Continue reading Blog


The passivity is the middle path phenomenon ,you try it out when feel enough balancing mindset meter at 90 degree in the activity domain of  love and hate meter reading.

The major drawback in hate meter reading is the existence of its lower bound contrary to the love meter reading without any upper bound…love and hate are the mathematical equation with bounded conditions , a detailed analysis is needed for each meter reading  on a case  basis and  all the historical aspects are needed to judge the current level of the meter reading falling into which domain/zone i.e. Love or Hate .
When you work on a project , you just go ahead without a little care of conditions   but after a while you start facing the limitations or bounded conditions

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